An Adoption Adventure: The Dennehy Family

I Like Adoption.

Another inspiring story from

Thanks Mr. Chris Hill for sharing.

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This year we asked Memphians what they were thankful for in Memphis.

We received hundreds and hundreds of responses shared on Twitter and Facebook.

So Fun!

See them here at

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FREE SHIPPING Now through Monday

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November 21, 2012 · 8:34 am

MTR launches MTR Give

The Memphis Teacher Residency connects your generosity directly to the needs in their classroom with their new site MTR Give.

What a great way to support a teacher and support education.

How it works is a teacher shares a need, like Tara Smith’s need for a Document Camera. Then she crowd sources the funds it takes, $325, to get one.  So 17 people can all chip in $25 to help her get this tool.

Pretty Simple. Pretty Genius.

Check it out and consider supporting a MTR Teacher today!


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May Books + May Notes = May Designs

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Jalen Rose Stole a TV

This is awesome. I want 50 more of these inside stories from the NBA.

Thanks for sharing Kyle.

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Leadership Suicide

Silence is not always bad. In fact, silence is sometimes the best.

But this is when silence is leadership suicide.

Thanks for the illustration Jessica.

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