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Conner and Cayden Long

This is so inspiring.

I pray to raise boys like these two.

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Movember, the month formally known as November

These are two really good ads for Movember.

Who’s growing with me?


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Why Settle for Settling?

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Mary and Bill

I found out about this on Herman’s blog. It is a fun and inspiring story has been made into a documentary.

Here is their website. 


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Just Like Dad

Almost 20 years to the day, Joe Buck makes nearly the exact same play-by-play call that his father Jack Buck did in the 1991 World Series.

By the way, my brother Evan own’s the trademark “Just Like Dad’s” and sells some cute t-shirts and other products.  Check them out. 

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Lecrae is Second

Lecrae’s story is powerful.

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Operation: White Cake

This is amazing.

It is a video of a surprise wedding day for the bride. I know many brides would not like this, but this is pretty cool.

For a man to take that much time and interest into his wedding and prepare all the details…that is great.

Men take some pointers. Not that you should plan your wedding, but what could you do that is BIG for your wife? This dude has got me fired up to do something amazing for Ashleigh.

The last minute tells it all as she she her commentary from the day and you see his face when he says, “She loves it.”

That is the feeling you want men. It is amazing.

Thanks Herman for sharing the video.

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