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Pep Talk

Worth every second. Truly fired me up.

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Best RC Ever

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

It’s a Remote Controlled Superman!

I might buy two.  One for me and one for Herman.

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Jalen Rose Stole a TV

This is awesome. I want 50 more of these inside stories from the NBA.

Thanks for sharing Kyle.

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Halloween Hilarious

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October 31, 2012 · 12:59 pm

Follow the Frog

The best advertisement I have seen.  Maybe ever.

4 minutes ago I didn’t really care about the rain forest. I mean I cared, but what am I going to do. And I own a paper company, so it is not like I am against using trees for our good. (I also like paper towels.)

But right now, I will never forget the frog.

This ad is sharp, funny, really well made, smart, cool, funny again and again, and very informative in all the right ways.

I am educated and I clearly feel empowered to make a little bit of difference with my purchases now.

So good.  Thanks for sharing Keith.

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Last Night’s Debate that is Tonight

Jimmy Kimmel sends out his team to interview people about who won last night’s debate.

The problem is there wasn’t a debate the night before.

As Jimmy says to end this video, “God Bless America.”

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Man’s Best Friend?

I saw this today on Herman’s site and thought that is just about as disappointing as it can get when buying a new gadget.

You know this guy saw his shipment tracking. He knew it was at home. He was excited to get home to his new toy. But instead he found his “best friend” had already taken it out of the box for him.

Trooper just did this to me with a new credit card I ordered for May Books.

Half Funny, Half Annoying.  At least they will send me another one of these free.

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