Adoption Adventures

The Carroll Family has been blessed with four wonderful children. Our older two, JAC (6) & Charis (4), came to us the old fashioned way. Our younger, Abigail (3) & Jones (2), joined our family through adoption.

Ashleigh and I can not imagine our lives with out all four of our children. As so many people know, parenting is a wild ride that brings great joy, hard laughter, and can even push parents to tears of frustration.

Adoption Adventures have their own set of experiences that are different. Some things are better, like no 40 weeks of being pregnant (right Ashleigh?), and somethings are harder, like not being able to be apart of Abigail’s first three years of life.

The reality is though that their are somewhere around 150 Million orphaned children in this world. That is about half the size of the United States. (When you go out today, imagine every other person you see being an orphan without a family.) Providing a family for every orphaned child in the world seems daunting, but we have to step in somewhere and start intentionally pursuing these children.

In the US, there are 400,000 children in Foster Care. Roughly 125,000 of them have been deemed by a judge to be a orphaned child that is in need of adoption. In the US, there are also over 350,000 churches. If one family in every third church would adopt a foster child, we could provide every current child orphan in the US a family.

This would be an amazing reality, that honestly is not a pipe dream or even an optional scenario, this is a necessary justice and beautiful opportunity for love.

We truly believe that our generation can meet the family needs of every orphan in our the United States. We are praying for this daily and hoping you will be apart of God’s answer.

Learn more about Adoption and Foster Care at

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  1. I wish I could see pictures, sounds beautiful.


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