35 Today!

I am old today.

When I was a kid, heck when I was in college, 35 might as well have been a million years away in my head.

Today I don’t feel old, or think I am old, but I know I am.

I think it is my first day of old. Like old has begun today.

It seems like a new adventure in front of me, what my life has been preparing me for.

So instead of worrying about being old today. I am excited about figuring out how I am going to invest my youth into my future.

I have had a ton of experiences. Lived with a bunch of amazing people. Have had a ton of awesome family. Been all over the world and almost every state. In a span of two weeks one year I was kicked out of college, considered to be an assassin threat to the President of Italy, and successfully broke into Paris’ famous art musuem the Louvre.  (not counting about a million other stories)

Less than one half of one percent of all people get to go to college. I now have multiple degrees and have paid off all the loans.

I have two houses. (only want one, but you know how that goes) But at least they are both in a city I love…MEMPHIS!

At 22 I said I wanted to be part of an organization that helps churches and nonprofits, and I get to do that every day at City Leadership. I am co-leading my dream for a church at Neighborhood Church. I am an owner of a successful business at May Books.

I will put the friends I have had and have up against any collection of friends anywhere. They are absolutely the most amazing people I have ever imagined knowing. They fill my life with laughter and fun.

These four kids are basically the greatest gifts a man can ask for.


And on top of all of that, I married the most beautiful, smartest, and absolutely funniest person in the world and she has only become greater in all of those areas since we met over a decade ago.


So today I am confidently walking into the journey of being old. I am not sure I could be better prepared or more blessed for the adventure that stands before me.

I can’t wait to see what all my friends and family accomplish and experience over the years to come. I can’t wait to see what all capers and mischief we get into.

But I can tell you this…if the next 35 are half as amazing as the first 35 my cup will overflow with life!


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3 responses to “35 Today!

  1. Jonathan Hill

    Ok, I really want to hear more of you stories

  2. Drew

    Happy birthday! I’m with Jonathan. I want to hear some of these stories.

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