Inspire to Aspire

Ruby & Alex have started an organization in Austin, TX they call the HourSchool.

It is a unique and creative concept where individuals teach others something for free. How to roast coffee. How to live more efficient. How to build a website. Whatever.

The genius of the idea is that anyone can be a teacher. They aren’t just hiring teachers or convincing professional teachers to teach for free, they are convincing practitioners to be teachers.

Teaching is a skill. Some are truly better than others. But HourSchool is seeking to turn students into teachers. Breaking out of the traditional lecture to large group model, they are making teaching a social experience that is interactive and real.

Their mission is to inspire people to aspire. To realize they have something to offer.  Alex says in the video that “community is better off when it’s members are engaged. When it’s members are not just receiving, but giving.”

Alex is so right!

Did you know the church should be, could be like this?  Did you know it used to be?

In the 1st Century everyone taught. In fact the local priest had everyone on a list and what passage they were suppose to teach on. Everyone!  The list was made years out.  So you would know today that in 47 weeks you were teaching on a specific piece of Isaiah. Or your wife a year and half from now was going to teach everyone from Psalms.

Not sermon stuff, but 5 to 6 minutes of what this verse has taught me, meant to me, maybe how it has changed or challenged me.

Right after Alex says that above, Ruby says “When you ask a lot of people what they want to learn, they don’t know. That’s almost as hard of a question as asking them what they can teach. And I feel like they don’t know what they want to learn because they are so boxed in to what they currently know. What they think their lives are about. They don’t aspire to be more.”

So HourSchool is going after people with inspiration and is expecting the result of people’s aspiration.

Inspiring them to not only learn, but to teach. To learn from each other, not just a select few. To not limit teachers to teachers, but to allow all doers to teach.

I love it. I hope they truly succeed. And I hope local churches learn from them.

Thanks Herman for sharing this video on your blog.

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