Sunday Chronicle 07.08.12

  • We had 50 neighbors over for a Independence Day party on July 1st. Live Music, Huge Grill, Snow Cones. It was a blast.
  • Jay Watson came in town to see me and we played disc golf out at Meeman-Shelby State Park. It was a fun 19 hours.
  • Saw Spiderman with JAC, Zhander, and David Jones. It was really good. I love all the character development. My favorite part of movies for sure.
  • Fun party with 15 friends on the 4th here at the house and we shot some great fireworks. Jeremy Greene found a real winner for the grand finale.
  • This video is a great example of Awareness – Vision – Strategy – Courage. In perfect proportions too! (1min – 20 seconds – 3:10min – 40 seconds)
  • This seems like a problem that the local church should solve.
  • Friday my friend Billy Wingo helped me build a desk for the kids, a shoe locker for them, and we started an entertainment center for the playroom.
  • There is a bicycle for every season of life.
  • Through a random course of events, I went and fed my friend’s dog at 3am this morning, then came home and took Tropper on an hour walk at 4am. Worked from 5am to 7am then started my “normal” Sunday.
  • I want to be Bob Goff when I grow up.

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