The Religious Equation


In the South people begin with the assumption that you Believe in God. Whenever they meet or talk to anyone, new or old, this is a subconscious belief for most. So much so that it is not really talked about at all. You would have to specifically mention that you don’t believe in God for anyone to think different.

If you are a Christian, then what you hope to add to Believing in God is Trusting in Christ. We want people to believe He is the only way. The Savior of the world.

And if you add those two things together, what you get is Saved from Hell. It is a pretty simple equation really. Actually it is too simple.

I don’t think this was Jesus’ equation. (assuming he had one.)

If Jesus had an equation I think it would look more like this:


In this equation we start at the same point. Where we begin is not the problem here.

The additional part is where we go wrong. Trusting in Christ is too simple of a calling for us. Jesus was not looking for his disciples to only believe in him, he wanted them to become like him. And that is exactly what the disciples wanted for their lives as well.

And obviously not going to hell is a good and desirable thing, but that is such a given. We are so forgiven that should never be a concern of our hearts.

Jesus didn’t say to his disciples, “All authority on heaven and earth have been given to me, therefore you are saved from hell!”  He told us to go make disciples of all the nations. 

The disciples had spent over three years with Jesus, over 10,000 hours, trying to become like him. Jesus was endorsing that they were like him and that he wanted those men and women to go out and make people like them.  By those new people becoming like Jesus’ disciples, they would be becoming like Jesus because Jesus’ disciples were like Jesus.

Trusting in Jesus to be Saved from Hell is easy and obvious.

Becoming Like Jesus and getting to Build the Kingdom is an honor and an adventure.

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