Tonic Media Lab

This week you may have seen City Leadership’s announcement about Tonic Media Lab.

If not, let me tell you what it is.  If so (and if not), let me tell you…I am excited.

Tonic Media Lab is the creative department of City Leadership. It is the five artists on the team, plus me. The ones that dream up the stuff that looks and sounds cool.  It is those guys.

They have been doing some amazing work and I am hoping to create a way where they can do more of it for more organizations.

Basically we take what is often a very time consuming and expensive process for both the branding house and the clients and roll it all into a one week Media Lab. Everything is done from Monday at 8:30am to Friday at 4:00pm.

By everything I mean a lot of stuff. (See the list here)

I am really excited (so excited I am mentioning that again). We are hoping to do at least one of these Media Labs per month this year. We have already received applications and are in the process of booking Labs throughout the next 12 months.

Check out what we are doing and let us know if we can help you or someone you know.

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