Sunday Chronicle – 05.20.12

  • Last Monday we celebrated the City Leadership 2012/2013 Residents. Strong crop of young talent. They will be missed.
  • Was asked to Coach MCS Principals this year in Leadership & Management. Trying to figure out how many we can get on the calendar.
  • Charis graduated Kindergarten. Man they get old quick.
  • Rob Thompson is a stud. I love what he is doing for MCUTS and for Memphis.
  • If you know anyone interested in teaching, you have to tell them about the Memphis Teacher Residency.
  • I will compete in the Memphis in May BBQFest at some point in the future. #BucketList – Until then I will go every year. So fun.  Thanks Scott!
  • Met a talented young man from Missouri on Friday. Looks like he is going to Choose901.
  • Got to explain the difference between Opportunity & Ownership to Intervarsity on Friday. Does your organization know the difference?
  • The Miranda Lambert concert was really fun. (Yes, I said that publicly)
  • The Wilco Concert was very impressive. 26 songs in a little over 2 hours. Two 5 song Encores! Yes, the allusive Double Encore!

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