Invest & Enjoy

5. Solve a problem that means something to you.
Anke Domaske, Inventor of QMilch Milk Fiber, Age 28

Anke Domaske has created a revolutionary textile from an unusual source: sour milk. The fabric, called QMilch, looks and feels like silk, but can be washed and cared for like cotton. Domaske started the process of creating a skin-friendly fabric after watching her stepfather endure constant skin irritation during his treatment for cancer. The process uses only 2 liters of water to produce 1 kilogram of fabric, making it over 5,000 times more water-efficient than producing cotton.

WHOAH!  Isn’t that awesome?

I learned about Anke on the 99% Blog when they were highlighting Eight Inventors under 30. Anke is a classic example of the Invest & Enjoy generation that we are calling for over at Choose 901.

I believe me and my emerging peers can be classified as the “Enjoyment” generation. Our entire lives we have been trained to and catered to pursue the most enjoyed options of life. Inside this generation I believe there were will be a thread of those who “Invest & Enjoy for the benefit of others.”

Thanks Anke for being a proof point for my theory and a gift giver to us all.

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