My Business Partner

I have a kick A business partner.  Her name is Mica Mojica May.

That is her above with her husband. Mica and Ashleigh were high school best friends.  I heard about Mica days into knowing Ashleigh.

She is super artsy with a flare for style and passion for design. She is married to an awesome guy named Jonny May who I wish lived next door to me so I could hang out with him every day. Our families usually spend two holidays a year with each other.

Mica started a freelance design company.  She made herself a notebook one day and then her and Jonny realized they could sell those notebooks.

She started May Books and started selling books and we talked for a year or so about me being involved. In 2011, we made it official and it has been great.

She is a great teammate.  Hard worker. Super talented. Her new designs we released this week are amazing.

I really love the products we make.  We make them right here in Memphis.  We have a ton of ideas for new products as well to add to the May Catalog.

But all of this to say…I am really thankful we get to work  together and I wanted you all to know who she is!

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One response to “My Business Partner

  1. She IS quite awesome! And the new books are gorgeous! I just ordered some yesterday! Hooray MayBooks! 🙂

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