My Teeth Got Knocked Out

I know that image is gross above.  Seriously it makes my stomach turn just looking at it.

But that is me. Well at least that is what I told a few people.

April Fool’s Day Pranks these days are hard to pull off with out getting sniffed out pretty early. Especially with my reputation.

I had to come up with something new, so saying my teeth got knocked out in a car accident was pretty original. But until I finally a full-time move quality make-up artist to join my staff just for pranks, I will have to rely on text messaging images that I googled.

There is a huge limitation here. You can’t post this on Facebook and try to trick everyone. Your family will blow it, and freak out. Not everyone is a close enough friend you text photos of your missing teeth to. And unless you lock yourself in the house, anyone you see that day can’t be fooled.

So here are my chosen few. Two of my best friends. My Mom & Dad. And my brother Evan.

Here are a few of the threads of text message yesterday.

Justin Williams was my first try. He said I almost had him, but he had to google when April Fool’s Day was! Ha!

Then we have Jay Watson. He can smell me from 200 miles away.

I know I shouldn’t try this on my Mom, but I did. Don’t worry, she caught me.

Here is my brother Evan. It is a good one:

My tuft of hair just for Evan:

I think I saved the best for last. Dear ole’ Dad:

So there you go people. Not the greatest prank in the world. But a fun one for sure.

I think I am going to start September Fool’s Day, but not tell anyone so I can get back in the action without being assumed right off the bat.

Any good pranks you guys pull yesterday or recently?

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One response to “My Teeth Got Knocked Out

  1. Haaaaa, your dad’s response is priceless.

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