Selling My Car – SOLD


SOLD it on the old Craigslist.

I am selling my car.

It is a 1997 Lexus ES300.  It is a great car. I never planned to sell it.

When I bought the car I thought I would keep it till the wheels fell off, but when I bought the car we only had 5 people in our family so we could all fit in here. But now there are 6 Carrolls and we don’t fit anymore.

For a ton of reasons we need two cars that can seat at least 6 and ideally more.

So I am selling my car.


127,000 miles
Leather Seats
Freezing Cold A/C
No wrecks
Great tires
Recent Oil Change

There are 41 of these ES300s with-in 300 miles of Memphis and the average price is Over $6000 and most of them have more miles.

This car will run for a long, long time. I thought about getting rid of one of our kids so I could justify keeping it, but I will keep all four kids instead.

Let me know if you are interested, want to test drive it, etc. –

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One response to “Selling My Car – SOLD

  1. c.hill

    Time to change your cover since the po-po are on your tail. I hear ya. Let me know if you need to hid out in my attic for a few weeks and lay low.

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