Public Research Project: Racial Reconciliation

City Leadership is launching another public research project and you can be involved.

We are looking for people, any where in the world, that miss reading and researching for a bigger purpose. Some people who miss school, homework, and projects.

This project is 7 Book Summaries.

Pictured above are 7 books that we are looking to have highlighted, underlined, dog-eared, and marked up. We are also looking for a 2 to 3 page bullet point summary of each book.

Your research is going to be used for a writing project on Racial Reconciliation.

Everyone who participates will receive a copy of everyone else’s summary. Read one book, get the summary notes on six more! Turn in your summary by April 16th and receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Never done a summary with us before? We will send you a template and sample from past research projects we have done.

To sign-up: E-mail with your book or books of choice and address so we can mail you the book.

We obviously have the book, so you can mark up ours or you can mark up your own and we will replace it with ours. Make sure you email me your mailing address.

If you have already read the book, great! Now you just need to summarize it.

Project Start Date: Feb 27th 2012

Project End Date: April 16th 2012

Brandon Woodard –

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