Teaching & Speaking for me is Story Telling

I love telling stories. Setting up the scene. Creating the tension. Delivering the punchline, relief, etc.

I hate reading from a script, giving a public address or reading a sermon.

I love trying to fire up a team.

I have never been that good at public speaking. I have felt comfortable on a stage or in front of people for a long time, but that doesn’t mean I am a great public speaker. I have always identified myself more as a coach than an orator. I want to tell the team a story. Let them imagine a preferred future. Get them pumped up in the locker room for the second half.

As of late, I have found myself though in front of people a lot. Teaching and Speaking in all sorts of places and scenarios. People would call it public speaking if they saw it, but for me I have found my groove imagining myself as their coach, telling a story, and then encouraging them to get back on the court with passion.

That may be weird to some of you, I have no clue. What I do know that every time I have tried to be something other than who I am it has been a disaster.

So I am leaning into my strengths and loving it. I never imagined myself “preaching” or “teaching” growing up. But here I am doing it all the time. But don’t be confused if you find me doing this…I am just a coach telling stories.

Feb 15th – Union University Chapel
Feb 16th – Church Planters Roundtable
Feb 19th – Lifelink Church
Feb 19th – Neighborhood Church
Feb 21st – Nonprofit Training
Feb 22nd & 23rd – Eldering Mirco-Conference
Feb 23rd – Union University – Guest Lecturer
Feb 26th – Christ Church – Churches for Children Promotion
Feb 28th & 29th – VERGE 2012

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