Digital Education

Free Education!

Did you know you can classes from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and more on your computer, phone, or iPad?

It is crazy how much they are giving away that supposedly costs so much. So where is the true value in learning?

It has to be in context of community right? The library has always had more knowledge than we ever wanted, but no teachers. Now you have access to all the teachers, but no classmates.

What would it look like to start a “school” where you got your friends together and watched these classes and held each other accountable to learning?  Would this education not be nearly as effective as a semester in Boston?

Obviously companies are still looking for the degree. But that is today.  When will companies stop caring about degrees and care about what you can do with what you know?

Here is the secret….They already do!

Would you do a semester of podcasted classes?

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