Thankful for Water

At Neighborhood Church we are raising money to build a well in Peru.

Over a billion people don’t have clean water and unfortunately around 2.2 million of those people die each year because of it. Amazingly enough, it only cost $5,000 to put a clean water well into a community. This well then not only provides clean water, but it also saves hundreds of hours each week in just going to get water for communities.

So our church wants to build one of these wells. We have partnered with Living Water to do so and they have shared with us a specific need for a community in Peru.

NC has a couple of fundraisers happening; Babysitting, 4th Annual Water Party, Wrappers’ Delight, & more.

The Carroll Crew decided to get in on the action.

We had a planning meeting with Charis’ friend Cece at YoLo. I seeded the fundraiser with $50.

We went to Dollar Tree and bought 40 Water Bottles.

The kids fell in love with the idea of coloring pictures and customizing the mugs.

So we have water bottles for sale. Each has an image that the kids colored and this quote…

GOD {made it}

MOSES {split it}

JESUS {walked it}

PEOPLE {need it}

YOU {gave it}

Every $1 you gave for this cup gave one person clean water for an entire year.

THANK YOU – JAC, Charis, Abigail, & Jones

Let us know if you want one!  $5 suggested donation.


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7 responses to “Thankful for Water

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  2. Mindy Magsig

    Great idea! We may have to steal it 🙂

  3. I love these….we’ll take 4. 🙂

  4. dude, i want one…can you send it in the mail…i’ll make a better donation than $5.

    and yall should join us and do a MORE store next year…we sell turvis tumblers 🙂 all proceeds go to living water like yall and it’s super easy to do.

  5. Mom

    Great job Dad and kids !!!!!

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