Push Ownership to the Masses

Churches today are typically led and run by only a select, professional few. That is to say, a limited number of people “provide” church and “do” church for others.

Church has become a spectator sport focused around an event (i.e., sunday) with the majority of people relaxing in the stands cheering on the professionals who are on stage. Although there is much lip service about the “priesthood of all believers,” most church leaders have created systems and cultures which in practice encourage only financial investment and attendance from the audience. If you just show up on sunday and tithe then everybody’s happy. We need an alternative to this formula.

We need systems and cultures that can help people “be the church” to a broken world every day of the week. Size matters. Look at church plants. Because they begin so small and new, every person feels ownership and is needed in a church plant — all hands on deck! But as they grow and as they experience “success,” fewer people are needed to “do” church and the mushy middle is born. Rather than hoarding the leadership experience of church, we must push ownership to the masses.

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