ReThink Normal: Discipleship is a Team Sport

How then did Jesus do discipleship? His discipleship strategy may not seem normal to us.

Today, discipleship is typically a one-on-one, one-hour meeting at a coffee shop once a week with a Beth Moore or John Piper book in hand. Or it is one guy teaching a homogenous room of people one hour a week over the course of six weeks.

Jesus spent quite a bit more time with his disciples than one hour a week. Jesus also didn’t see discipleship as merely one-on-one or as just a teaching session. For a quick example, in Mark 6:7, Jesus sends out the twelve disciples to do ministry two by two. In other words, Jesus wasn’t planning on them doing ministry solo.

Lone ranger discipleship is insufficient; it can leave us lonely and it can leave our disciples ill-equipped. Jesus envisioned his disciples partnering with others and ministering in pairs. Not only was such an approach more beneficial to those to whom they were ministering, but it also allowed the disciples to experience community and accountability in the process.

We have lost this community aspect of discipleship. We must return to the master’s example. Discipleship was never intended to be a one-on-one sport.

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