Places to Read

Having a great place to read makes me a thousand more times likely to read. I love these spaces. I really want one of those black leather chairs. Those are called Ray Eames Chairs.

I wonder if in the future being in the company of beautifully displayed books will be apart of that environment though. I have bought eight paperback books this year…all for other people. I have bought roughly 35 digital books this year. I have read more than 20 of them. But they don’t display as well as these.

Read books are like trophies. Marks of achievement. Badges of honor and accomplishment.

For the first time in 10 years my physical library has shrunk. I gave away more books since 2010 than I have added to my library.

Not sure how much shelf space I am going to need in the future for physical books I buy from 2011 forward, but I will keep enough books around to make my space feel cozy for sure. The best trophies will remain to be shown off and hopefully shared.


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