Connection vs. Community

The Church has confused “Connection” with True Community.

“Connection” is merely an overlap of interests between acquaintances (i.e., small talk). Community, on the other hand, is living life daily (or almost daily) with other individuals—side-by-side, life-on-life, sharing each other’s burdens, breaking bread together.

“Connection” may be fun and produce some laughs, but it alone will never make you like Jesus. In fact, connection is the fast- food version of community. It looks like the real thing and even tastes like the real thing, but in the end it will leave you unsatisfied if not accompanied by true community.

How did the church ever confuse connection with true community? History holds some of the answers. Modern transportation changed everything as it allowed people to commute to church and commute to see their “friends.” The church has, in many ways, had a monopoly on connection for the last 100 years or so. However, many recent competitors for connection (social media, the internet, text messages) threaten to make the church even more obsolete.

Only by cultivating true community can the church make people more like Jesus.

Does “Connection” or “Community” more accurately describe the relationships at your church?

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