8 Questions for Innovation, Plus my 3

At a TEDx in Orange County, Rick Warren explains the 8 Questions he uses to foster Innovation.

Some of these have some significant overlap, but I get the different angles. I added three of my own at the end. Thanks JB for sharing the link.

1. What do I first need to stop? – Termination

2. How do we do it faster, larger, cheaper with a team? – Collaboration / Cooperation

3. What should we mix together to create something new? – Combination

4. What part could we take out in order to make it simpler?  Elimination

5. What has died but we could bring back to life in a new form? – Reincarnation

6. How can we change the purpose or motivation for what we are doing? – Rejuvination

7. How can we look at this in a new light? – Illumination

8. how can we make it more interesting? – Imagination

Now these are mine…

9. How do we do it smaller & more significant with more leaders?  – Empowering-ization

10. How am I in the way? – Get Out of MY Box-ination

11. How can it be simpler and easier? – De-complex-ification

What questions would you add?






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