It Happens to the Best of Us

Rap Mogul Kanye West while performing recently took an embarrassing fall during a live performance.

I have never been to a Kanye concert (I don’t even listen to his music), but I can imagine that they are well done and huge productions. I can also imagine that no matter how great you are at performing, you make mistakes.

NBA players miss shots. MLB batters strike out. And Rap Moguls fall down.

It happens to the best of us.

So why can’t you make a bad sales pitch. Be impatient with your child. Forget to pay a bill one month.

It is going to happen. No one is perfect.

Life’s goal is not perfection. (Honestly I am not sure what life’s goal is.)

But here are two goals for you:

1. Don’t give up when you are not perfect.

2. Don’t act like you are perfect.

Learn what we all learn from Kanye. When you fall down, get up and keep rapping.

Thanks Herman for sharing the video.

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