Disengage AutoPilot



Are like 90% of Christians just on autopilot?

It seems to me more and more that the traditions of the church, and even the leaders of local churches, are getting people to a comfortable cruising altitude and helping them set their life up on autopilot.

There is no way we become more like Jesus on autopilot. I am talking about sin here. I am talking about life changing choices. Not just our own lives, but life changing, life giving, life fulfilling decisions that love others.

Setting our controls to autopilot may get us safely to heaven, but who wants a safe trip to heaven? I want to be in heaven forever, but getting there should be the most adventurous trip imaginable.

The adventure is half becoming like Jesus and the other half living out that likeness. In fact, you can’t be like Jesus unless you live like him.

You can know what he knew. You can learn what your pastor knows. Those are good student things to do. But you are disciple. Disciples want to become just like the Rabbi.

Disengage AutoPilot. Take control of your flight. Get into the fight. To enjoy life, you have to live one. Not just experience the long ending of one.



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