Leadership Pipeline

Will Mancini shares some thoughts on the Leadership Pipeline of the local church, but this could be applied all over:

Here is a set of questions to get you thinking about what a leadership pipeline might look like:

If you had to rely on your small group leaders or class facilitators alone to deliver the vision…

  • How often would you get this group together?
  • How much time would you spend with them?
  • How much time as a group vs. one-on-one?
  • What kinds of things would you do together?
  • How would you model the vision with them?
  • How would you teach them to model the vision?
  • How would you train them to communicate the vision?
  • How would you pray for these people?
  • How would you measure their progress?
  • What tools and support would you provide?
  • What ongoing questions would you ask them?

In the end, you will never multiply your ministry if there is no dedicated time and process for leaders sharing the vision with other leaders. And this is unfortunately a missing link in American evangelicalism.

Full article here. 

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