Lemonade TODAY

JAC is starting his first business TODAY.

It is a lemonade stand and he will be open for business today at the corner of Snowden Circle East and Agnes Place (MAP HERE).

Today from 4:30pm to 5:30pmish, he is selling Lemonade by the cup for $1. 

He asked a few days ago if he could sell lemonade to make some money for an IronMan costume. He said it is $25, but he found it on Ebay for $12, plus shipping, so $15.

Yesterday we made a business plan. Went to the store and shopped different lemons, sugar, and cups. Stopped by an Art Store where he shopped different poster board and markers. He also has been refilling ice trays and freezing water for ice.

He spent $9 of his money on supplies and plans to sell 25 cups of Lemonade today to make his money back and profit for his IronMan outfit.

Come snag a cup today while they last!

(Full Disclosure: JAC asked me to post this and put it on Facebook. He actually offered me a dollar to do so.)





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2 responses to “Lemonade TODAY

  1. Hysterical! Go JAC. Not surprised at all… 🙂

  2. Pappy

    Wish I were there. Put me in for 5 cups, virtual lemonade.
    I’ll pay next visit.
    Great job JAC!
    Love you,

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