From Here to There

Getting from Here to There is my favorite part of the journey. Actually, that is the journey. Once we get there, good, getting ready to go is fine, but the actual journey, the movement, the process….that really interests and can even excite me.

I love the Here to There parts of movies, books, and stories. The beginning is important because it helps give context to the journey, and the ending is good, but it is almost always predictable.

Oh the journey though. The trying. The failing. The trying again. The giving-up. The passionate recommitment. Those are the best parts.

My favorite part of Superman, is his high-school days. I love watching Rudy from the day he gets on campus to the day he gets that jersey. Goonies is amazing the minute they decide to go down the tunnel instead of back up into the basement.

Here is a clip from a moving coming out this summer. It is the prequel to X-Men. I love prequels. This scene gets me excited to go see how these heroes, and villains, got from Here to There.


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2 responses to “From Here to There

  1. Video was taken down. Oh well, no journey for me.

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