Dr. William Evans


Dr. William Evans was a really strong interview today at the Forum. I am so glad he was featured guest for the topic of excellence.

St. Jude will be 50 years old next year and Dr. Evans has been there for 37 of those years. He has learned, lived, and taught the culture of St. Jude.

Here are some insights from our conversation:

  • Allowing all the members of the team, from the most decorated to the newest addition, speak into issues.
  • Danny Thomas believed that the problem could be solved if you could gather the most talented people and allow them to work on the issue. ALL Cure Rate 1962 – 4% / 2010 – 90% (We at City Leadership refer to this principle as Talent Clustering)
  • As you grow wide, don’t be afraid to laser focus back in to go deeper

These are just a couple of the gems he talked about. If you are a leadership and management guru, they sound similar to things we all talk and read about a lot, but the really impactful thing is too see this organization of 3400 people live it out.

Learn more about St. Jude.

Learn more about the City Leadership Forum

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