Sonic Hot Dogs: Final Review

First of all, just going to Sonic four days in a row was weird. Eating a hot dog four days in a row was even weirder. Ordering a hot dog from a fast food restaurant was very weird as well. Not that hot dogs are gourmet food or deserve to be reserved for sit down dining, but I just don’t think about hot dogs as “fast food”.

Maybe it is because hot dogs are not available at McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, or Chick-fil-a. Maybe it is because hot dogs bring to me nostalgic memories of MLB games, camping at the lake with my dad, and barbecuing in the backyard with my friends.

I never eat hot dogs without a bun. I did when I was in high school, really hungry, and nothing was in the house to eat. I would warm it in the microwave and then dip it in mustard and ketchup. But even if we had sliced bread, that was never an option. Only a bun for my dawgs. Sliced bread around a hot dog seems gross.

But after a week of Hot Dog Madness, I have been convinced that Hot Dogs are a good fast food option. Especially these dogs from Sonic. I would actually choose the Sonic Hot Dog over their hamburger any time.

So with out any further adieu, here are my final rankings for Sonic’s Gourmet Dogs….

4th Place – The Chili-Cheese Coney

Basically this comes down to being more a chili bread bowl than being a hot dog. Serious hits on appearance and smell. I would eat it again, but I would choose each of the others first if they were an option.

  • Taste – 6
  • Value – 5
  • Appearance – 2
  • Aroma – 2
  • Eatability – 4
  • Total Points – 20
  • Would I ever buy again? – Yes
  • Would I eat a foot long version? – Not without a fork and knife

3rd Place – The Chicago Dawg

I am really surprised this one did not end up being my favorite. It was the best salad I had ever had on a hot dog, and the only, but it didn’t have enough mustard or flavor “punch” to make it up any higher on the list. Also, everything kept falling out. I actually lost a pepper to the ground.

  • Taste – 5
  • Value – 7
  • Appearance – 4
  • Aroma – 6
  • Eatability – 3
  • Total Points – 25
  • Would I ever buy again? – Probably
  • Would I eat a foot long version? – Definitely Not

2nd Place – The All-American

I was surprised I didn’t hate the onions. 86 the onions and I would eat this style dog 9 times out of 10. Their relish was good, but not great. I want this dog on the dollar menu.

  • Taste – 6.5
  • Value – 5
  • Appearance – 4
  • Aroma – 5
  • Eatability – 6
  • Total Points – 27.5 of 50
  • Would I ever buy again? – Yes
  • Would I eat a foot long version? – Yes

1st Place – The New Yorker

Sauerkraut is king. Add the grilled onions and the spicy mustard and you really have a treat here. I didn’t expect this to win…I had it 3rd in the preseason, but the flavor was great.

  • Taste – 8
  • Value – 7
  • Appearance – 5
  • Aroma – 6
  • Eatability – 6
  • Total Points – 32 of 50
  • Would I ever buy again? – Yes
  • Would I eat a foot long version? – No, I would buy two of this size.

Do your self a treat and go try the New Yorker. Get the tots and a drink too for a quick $4.50 lunch.


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2 responses to “Sonic Hot Dogs: Final Review

  1. Mom

    You’re a pretty good Food Critic. Never had a hot dog at Sonic. I may have to try one.

  2. Judy wigginton

    Try the New Yorker on the poppy seed bun…really good! Are they kosher?

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