Sonic Hot Dog Reviews: Day 4

Today was the day. I have been a little nervous all week.

Today was my very first chili-cheese hot dog.

I am not sure why I had never had one before today. I like hot dogs. I like chili. I put cheese in my chili. I don’t ever put cheese on my hot dog though. I don’t really eat either the hot dog or a bowl of chili very often and I don’t eat either one from a fast food restaurant ever…..until this week.

First Impression – the image above is what convinced me I could eat a chili-cheese dog. The image above looks pretty great and very appetizing. Unfortunately, what was delivered to my car window, looked nothing like the image above.

This is what they brought me.

As Tweeted…it was DISGUSTING to look at.

It didn’t smell any better either. I now know what Will Ferrell was smelling in Elf when he called out the imposter Santa Clause and accused him of smelling like “beef & cheese”.

As I went for my first bite, I tried to find a way to pick it up and keep my hands clean. It was the only hot dog of the week served with a fork, but I went after it with my hands.

Before I could get it in my mouth, Jonesy called out from the back seat, “I whaana uh byght”. I turned to look and found him stretching his seats protective straps as he leaned his strong shoulders forward to get his mouth in an easy to reach location for me.

I took the first bite and realized that this hot dog was really warm and melted in my mouth. It was a much different experience than the first bites of his three counter parts. As I was trying to process this first taste of chili & cheese with a hot dog, I allowed Jones to a bite off the same side of my dog. He leaned backed in his seat with relaxed enjoyment as he savored his first chili-cheese dog experience as well.

As scary as the cheese looked, I love American Cheese, and it tasted really good warm, soft, and melted.

The chili was surprisingly good. I was not expecting to like it at all. But I did.

The bun was good again. I do like hot dog buns.

The hot dog tasted more like a filler for the chili than a hot dog. It definitely gave it substance, but it didn’t taste like a hot dog to me. With no mustard, with out ketchup, and smothered in chili…it just doesn’t seem like a hot dog to me.

Now that is not saying that I didn’t enjoy it. I unexpectedly did.

I understand why so many people were shocked that I had never had one before. There is nothing to be scared of taste wise, at least for Sonic’s version.

So where does the Chili-Cheese Dog rank amongst my four hot dog experiences this week? Final review and rankings coming on Friday.

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