Sonic Hot Dog Reviews

I don’t usually eat hot dogs unless I am at a MLB game or Brian Crenshaw and I are barbecuing some int he back yard. But these Sonic commercials have convinced me to try them.

I have never had a hotdog at Sonic, or any other fast food restaurant, but by offering four different kinds I have been intrigued to try them all. I usually only eat a dog with mustard & ketchup and some times relish. I have never had a chili-dog or any thing like three of the ones Sonic offers.

So this week I am going to try each one, one each day and review it here on the blog.

First of all, it’s not as pretty as the picture, fast food never is, but here she is the All-American Dog. It looks kind of soggy when you pull it out of the bag, so I got kind of nervous, but it actually tasted really good.

I usually don’t get fresh onions on my food, so that made me nervous, but there were just enough for good taste and not overwhelming it. I would eat it again for sure.

The box is great for holding ketchup for your tots. Tots, or fries, and a drink can be added for $2.

I want to give it a rating on a scale of 1-10, but really I want to rank the four against each other by the end of the week.

This was a safe one to start with, we will see how the week goes.


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6 responses to “Sonic Hot Dog Reviews

  1. You’ve never had a chili dog?!?! Do I even know you???

  2. American

    Who’s never had a chili dog? I’ll tell you who. A communist.

    Johnny Carroll, if that IS your real name, we’re watching you . . .

  3. David / Dad

    Just last week I tried the Chicago Dog @ Sonic. I found it good but not the best I’ve had. I needed more celery salt, I did ask them to hold the sport peppers. Overall it was good enough to order again especially for the price.
    Tater Tots rock @ Sonic….

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  5. mackenzie

    Im a manager at a sonic in north carolina. and i would never have sent a dog like that out, im sorry u received such an ugly product, my job may not be the greatest in the world, but i take pride in it and i make sure my employees do as well, id like to know the location you purchased that at, and your email adress so i can make this upto you, because i consider this unacceptable, please email at And thank you for your reviews, we appreciate candid feedback

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