Oh, That May Be It.

I have always wondered why I always feel “unknown” in my home town.

I haven’t lived there since a 9 month stint in ’99-’00. When I go home I spend most my time with my family, but I know a lot of people in Murfreesboro and the ‘Boro is not that big, but definitely big enough to feel obscure.

Well today i found some insight with Tweetake.

Tweetake can back up your twitter account, tweets, and such. But I found a cool function today. You can download the profiles of all your followers and those you follow.

When I did this I got an excel sheet of my 597 Twitter Followers, organized it alphabetically by their current cities and realized I have more followers in Zimbabwe than I do in Murfreesboro.

Actually I have one follower in Murfreesboro, Delvin Pikes, who I don’t even know.  (Hi Delvin!)  I have a couple in Zimbabwe.

Not that Twitter is the only place you can know me, but it is where I, and many others are sharing their lives and making new friends.  On the other hand, I have a ton of old friends on Facebook, but I don’t find myself engaging that like I do twitter.

I have a lot of followers, and people I follow, in cities like Austin, New Orleans, and Chicago. I have never lived in any of those cities, but it looks like I am building connections for sure and maybe even a little bit of community in each?

Not sure what all this means, but I am just thinking about how we are all going to live, work, and interact in the future and how that plays out now.

At least my personal mystery of feeling more known in other cities than my hometown got a big clue today.

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