Dream Year Weekend

My friend Ben Arment runs a program called Dream Year. It is a fantastic concept where Ben coaches a group of people from through out the world through making a dream of their’s come true.

From writing a book to launching a community center, Ben helps these budding artisans create reality out of their imagination. Ben’s first class of Dream Year participants graduated in Dec of 2010 and he already has a fresh crop of Dreamers for 2011.

Ben’s latest twist on this venture is Dream Year Weekend. 12 months of lessons packed into 44 hours and I am excited to say that me & Ashleigh are going. I don’t want to let me “dream” out of the bag yet, but I really hope our time in Nashville helps propel it into reality.

Until then, learn more about Dream Year and Dream Year Weekend.

Also learn more about Ben Arment:


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