The Lottery of Life

A riveting advertising campaign for the Save the Children Campaign called the Lottery of Life.

The campaign places two images that are similar, but completely different featuring people of similar age. The thought is that life is a lottery and the randomness of where one person is born versus another makes completely different lives for those individuals.

On their website, they offer a spinning wheel that offers you a chance to see how different your life could have been if you were born in another country.

The concept is striking.


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2 responses to “The Lottery of Life

  1. I was just born in Saudia Arbia where my biggest problems are going to be ILLITERACY 21% and CORPORAL PUNISHMENT ALLOWED. I’m not 100% sure, but I think those are issues in my current hometown.

    There has to be more severe issues to highlight.

    Cool idea, I had seen the print ads, but the website is well done – just needs more severe issues to highlight than corporal punishment.

    • Corporal Punishment is allowed here with the death penalty in some states.

      But having your hand cut off for stealing, nose cut off for sex, or tongue cut out for lying is pretty crazy…..and sort of biblical, but still crazy.

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