New Research Project: TEAMS

We have launched a new research project. It started a couple of weeks ago with 5 books, but has swelled to 10 books, so we are looking for a few more participants.

We are looking for 2 to 5 page summaries with your review of one of these books. If you have already read one of these books, great!  Now you just need to summarize it.

Just let me know what book you would like to review in the comment section below or shoot me an email at – make sure you send me your address so I can ship it to you.

Book reviews are due November 30th. We will send you sample review so you have an idea what we are looking for.

For your participation you will get to keep the book and receive all the other summaries. As an added incentive, if you turn your review in on time we will send you a $20 gift card to Amazon.

Learn more about our first Public Research Project here.

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One response to “New Research Project: TEAMS

  1. Nancy Holcomb

    Dear Ashleigh, I wish you the bery best birthday of your life. Thirty was my hardest ever, but what a sweet turning point to really and trully be a grownup. I am so grateful to be your friend. Friends like you keep me young. I wish for your life that their will always be younger friends with each decade you live who will bless your life and ministry as you have blessed mine. I pray God’s best year and God’s best decade yet for your life in your thirties. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings. Nancy Holcomb

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