3 Rules for Fasting

Soul City Church launches November 7th in Chicago. They have called those apart of the launch and those around the world supporting their launch to fast with them the 40 days leading up to the launch.
I really like their 3 rules, tips, thoughts for fasting….
  1. You Should Fast…Regularly – Seriously.  I never cease to amaze myself with my authentic desire to hear from and obey God while both my hands are firmly clasped around whatever idol has my attention at the moment.  Fasting loosens that grip and opens my heart.
  2. Everyone Fasts Differently – This is the beauty of it all.  God has wired us differently.  We need God in different ways.  We need to hear from God about different things.  Our fasts should reflect that.
  3. Pick the Toughest Thing – Why wouldn’t you?  Why go halfway?  Why offer God anything less than the very thing that is the greatest distraction to your affection?  When has God offered you any less than His very best?  Trust me, you will love God and respect yourself so much more at the end of it.

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