I like this thought above from Indexed.

We resign all the time in little and BIG ways. We revolt much less because it takes so much more energy.

Energy is a special fuel that is a chemistry concoction of courage, knowledge, and faith.

Expending revolt required fuel takes real effort. It is not as easy as your ankle bending and your foot applying slight pressure to a fuel pedal. That is the effort of resigning. Like the effort of pushing an elevator button.

Our world and our lives need some revolutionaries. Some of the revolutionary desperate people of the world are Child Slaves, Orphans, the Hungry. They all need revolutionaries that will stand up and expend the energy to fight back.

I think two things keep us from becoming revolutionaries….

1. We are subject to the great sufferings that others are and thus not experiencing a key motivation to fighting against it.

2. We are not aware that we are already under submission to much more ordinary sufferings of laziness, poor eating, lack of discipline, and isolation.

I think for the world to have the revolutionaries it needs, we need to invoke ourselves to be revolutionaries in our own lives and the lives of one or two others. Get on the offensive against all the “little” things that keep us sidelined from having the energy to get in the world battles.

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