Mega to Multi to Mini to Micro

Exponential is partnering with Verge to help develop leaders for the Micro-Church movement. This is great.

NOTE – Exponential uses the term Micro for the 250 person sized church.  I use the term Mini for that size and reserve Micro for the 15 to 40 person size church.

Basically a Mega-Church is 1,000 people or more.

Multi-Site Churches are Mega-Churches meeting in multiple locations.

Mini-Churches are churches of 80 to 250.

Micro-Churches are churches of 15 to 40.

Did you know that it took 30 years to move from less than 100 mega-churches to over 7,000 and 10 years to move from less than 100 multi-site churches to more than 2,000.

Now I think the numbers are at about 350,000 plus churches in the US. The average church size is about 120. So most churches in the US are basically Mini-Churches.

I hope that we engage the 10’s of thousands of people who already lead Mini-Churches to help train the future Mini-Church leaders instead of just Mega-Church Preachers.

Also, Mini-Church leaders need to be better pastors than preachers. And Mini-Churches that are going to multiply need pastors that are trainers and coaches to train-up additional leaders.

But Mini-Church is the wave before the explosion of millions of Micro-Churches.  Just for context, the goal of creating 1 million micro-churches just in India over the next 10 years, set forth just last year in 2009, is already looking way to small. Only a year later, they are adjusting efforts to hopefully create 10 to 20 million micro-churches in India.

That wave is about to explode in the U.S. as well.

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