Vision to Product v Product to Market

Guy Kawasaki and Scott Belsky had a conversation the other day and they talked about Making Ideas Happen.

The first question was something I had been chewing on…basically the hardest parts of work….

Q: What’s the harder step: vision to product or product to market success?

Vision to product, hands down! Why? Because vision is fleeting and taking incremental steps and surviving the doldrums of project management is extremely difficult. No technology or productivity insights can change the fact that most ideas never see the light of day. Once you transform your idea into something tangible…a product…it is now easier than ever before to spread the word because of the rise of “community curation” and interconnected flows of data.

Great Vision is rare, but it is not difficult. And the market is easier to navigate than ever. Even with a recession, your ability to get a product to the right people is more possible than ever.

But we have to master the Vision to Product.

The fuel for this process is inspiration. As long as inspiration is in the tank, the product will come. But once inspiration wanes your product will probably never see reality.

Some are inspired to keep going or stop pursuing because of money.

Some lose inspiration because a new vision comes along.

Some get bored.

Sometimes, maybe even oftentimes, inspiration is lost because there is a clearly reality of the original vision and this clear picture is not as inspiring as the first glimpses of the vision.

But no matter what, inspiration seems to be the key or at very least, one of the keys to seeing your vision become reality, or in this case, a product.

Keep the inspiration tank full and you will one day be worrying about the market.

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