39 Years

Jesus spent a lot of time with Disciples. He was with them a ton physically or participating in ministry with them actively almost always. Not only did he spent a lot of time with his Disciples, he spent that great amount of time with them over a short period of time. Lets do the math.

Jesus probably spent all day with his Disciples, but let’s just say 12 hours a day. And he likely spent 7 days a week with his Disciples, but let’s just say 6. We will give the Disciples two weeks for vacation each year and only count 50 weeks of the year. And Jesus did 3.5 years of ministry, for the best we can tell, but let’s call it 3 years.

12 Hours a Day

x 6 Days a Week

x 50 Weeks a Year

x 3 Years

= 10,800 Total Hours

A Church and her Disciples have a little bit different kind of relationship. They spend time together or on mission together very often, almost daily. But the amount of time each day is significantly less.

Let’s say someone goes to church every week for 1.5 hours. And they also participate in 1.5 hour Bible Study each. On top of that, they start each day with a 15 minute quiet time. And let’s assume that this person is never sick or out-of-town and is able to do this 52 weeks a year. On top of that they go to a 24 hour retreat each spring and they serve at the Youth Saturday Fundraiser each fall.

1.5 Hours per Sunday

+ 1.5 Hours per weekly Bible Study

+ .25 Hours of quiet time per day

x 52 Weeks

+ 24 Hour Retreat

+ 6 Hour Youth Fundraiser

= 277 Total Hours a Year

To get to 10,800 hours we divide that by 277….

10,800 Hours / 277 Hours = 39 years

It will take the above average, super church christian 39 years to reach the same number of hours Jesus spent with His Disciples.  That is a long time, but it is possible. I came to know the Lord at 19, so somewhere in my late 50’s I should be good.

But here is the problem, these hours are not equal. Intensity is the accelerant in our chemistry equation here.

The reason P90X is so successful is you change your diet in radical ways that are productive towards 90 intense consecutive days of amazing workouts. Anyone who follows the rules of p90X strictly will drastically change their health and body.

But if I do P90X one day week for 90 weeks, nothing is going to change. In fact. I could do P90X every Sunday for 39 years and I will probably not see a bit of change, I could even be less healthy at the end of it.


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2 responses to “39 Years

  1. Terry Robbins

    John, I appreciate your blog post but I have a question for you. One that I would like to ask, and a statement a friend posed to me after I forwarded him this entry.

    What if I do buckle down increase my intensity. What happens if it doesn’t work? What if I still am struggling greatly with unbelief, or a sexual sin, or ___ fill in the blank. What do I do now?

    Friend’s statement:

    Wasn’t Judas there for all of those hours with the rest of of the disciples?

    • Thanks for your comment and questions Terry. I always appreciate our conversations and your encouragement.

      I would never say anything is fail proof. Any human process or plan that is. But if I was discipling 12 people and eleven of them turned out to be unbelievable, unparalleled world changers, that would be exciting. I would dedicate my life to that.

      What I am trying to say is if you increase your intensity, there is actually a possibility of you making a difference in this world.

      The “normal” high-end church member with the life described above, has a high probability of treating church as a hobby.

      The church is pumping out hundreds of thousands of ineffective Christians. In fact, I might be stretching it in saying that the church is producing maybe one world changer out of every 20 members. (That is really stretching it.)

      So the church is batting .050 and Jesus’ bated .920.

      So my question is, why go down the path that we know rarely works, than trying the one we know succeeds. almost always does?

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