Bass Pro Pyramid

Let me be one of the many that are excited about the Pyramid in Downtown Memphis not being leveled and actually being used by a destination business that will create hundreds of jobs. I can see the pyramid from my house, it is about 6 blocks away.

I just also want to say I hope they don’t put that giant American Flag on top of the pyramid. The pyramid is beautiful and it is going to hard enough for people to stomach the HUGE signage on each side, but I can understand that.  I would do that to.

But the GIGANTIC American Flag on top of Egyptian Architecture is just weird and out-of-place.

Here is the pyramid today for you non-Memphians (or you East Shelby County peeps who come Downtown once a decade.)

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One response to “Bass Pro Pyramid

  1. Ouch… I didn’t see the East Shelby County jab coming. I am with you though on wanting to see the pyramid become what we all thought it could be when they built it back in the day.

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