I love this photo of the soccer goal. Set in the morning haze, but boldly defined by the white poles showing where it is, and where it is not.

The goal looks so large here. Kicking a ball into the goal from this distance is very possible. Almost easy and unmissable if you really try.

Now this goal is different. You can see it out there, but could you score from here? How many goals would you kick in out of 10 if you kicked from here?

Is this goal even facing you or are you behind it?  It is hard to tell from here.

Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

You have to agree with the great hockey player, but I would add you miss most shots you take if you are not squared up on the goal. In fact, it is possible to waste your life shooting at the back of a distant goal without even the chance of a score….ever.

I personally believe most organizations are not making a big impact because they are shooting at goals that look way more like the second photo than the first.

Clearly defined goals give you a target. Something to square-up on and fire at.

What are your organizational goals? Personal goals?

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