Most or Some?

Scott Hodge is a pastor and blogger. He recently posted “Are you a Most or a Some?”

I had to share it with you all…..

Most read books.  Some write them.

Most attend conferences.  Some create them.

Most fake intimacy.  Some live intimately.

Most love great design.  Some design.

Most listen to great music.  Some write great music.

Most point out problems.  Some solve them.

Most admire beautiful art. Some create it.

Most receive generously. Some give generously.

Most imagine what should’ve been.  Some imagine what can be.

Most criticize.  Some create.

Are you a “MOST” or a “SOME”?

Let’s stop being afraid of those blank canvases that stare us down and scare the hell out of us…….and let’screate.

What do you think?  Are you a “Most” or a “Some”?  Why?

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