Racial Breakdown of the Mobile Web

Just read a recent story on the racial breakdown of cell phone use and mobile web.

For age 13 and over….
  • 87% of Blacks and Latinos have a cell phone
  • 80% of Whites have a cell phone
  • 18% of Blacks with a cell phone only get on the web via their cellphone
  • 10% of Whites only get on the web via their cellphone
These later numbers are trending up and they are trending faster for Blacks and Hispanics.
This has huge implications for how we do our websites, send emails, and overall communicate with everyone.
Nearly 1 in 5 Blacks attending Fellowship will never see our church website or read our emails on a screen larger than 2×2.5 – 1 in 10 whites will never see these either.
Most common mobile web sites for all populations are Facebook and Twitter.  Presence on these two will drive how effective an organization communicates.
Bonus – Interesting statistic about iPhones….3% of the US population has an active iphone. 10% of the Hispanic population of the US uses an iPhone.

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