New Bible

So I left my Bible in Istanbul, Turkey.

I am not sure if you have ever called the country of Turkey and tried to navigate someone through finding your Bible and shipping it to you, but it is basically impossible and it costs you about $1.25/minute just to try!

So today I caved and bought a new Bible.

I picked up an ESV Journaling Bible. I have heard the pages are a little too thin for real writing in there. They didn’t have my old Bible in stock, so I am giving this bad boy a try.

Here is a look at the inside of it:

You guys got a favorite Bible?

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One response to “New Bible

  1. Nick Horton

    Have to say my favorite translation is the ESV. No favorite bible, yet. I keep buying new bibles. Like having lots of different translations around!

    I’ve been thinking about the journaling bible. I’m curious if it holds up to that much writing without bleeding through or tearing.

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