Waiting for Superman

Will this Documentary Wake-up America?

Even though the movie “Waiting for Superman” doesn’t release till this fall, Variety’s John Anderson has a compelling review. Here is an excerpt:

“The information presented here is sobering: This country spends more to incarcerate someone for four years than it would cost to educate the same inmate in private school for 12 years (and likely keep him/her out of prison). But the monetary waste caused by poor schools is just one item on the film’s agenda: The unfulfilled potential, social disintegration and generational failure — perpetuated by the hamster-wheel logic of the nation’s entrenched school bureaucracies — are mourned throughout. And it’s the arrogance of so-called educators that comes under Guggenheim’s withering moral/intellectual assault.”

I for one am excited about this film being released and I will market this to everyone in Memphis, especially the kids in our schools.

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