First of all, Ashleigh and I would like to thank you all for praying, encouraging, and supporting us during our Adventure of Adopting Abigail.

This week we will get our exact travel date and we need to book our three airlines tickets (Two there and three back!), we need to pay for a few more things for immigration, and then cover our visa costs.

Here is what we need…$3,120 $2,305 $1830 $1200 $670

UPDATE – as of 1:00pm CST 5-26-10 – $2450 dollars raised

We need to close out our fundraising piece this month over the next 7 days.

Our original goal was $23,255.  Ashleigh and I put in the first $8,000. To date we have raised $12,130 via donations, a HUGE Yard Sale, and the Ocho de Mayo Fiesta.

Here is our idea and our hope….what if 312 people gave $10 this week?

I know that is a lot of people, but we have three times that many people following our story on this blog, our blogs, and facebook. Our hope is this week our friends and family can help us BRING HOME ABIGAIL!

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