Uptown BBQ Fest

Today was the 4th Annual Uptown BBQ Fest. It was my third year in a row to participate. We were out of town for the inaugural event.

Two years ago Richard helped me get started as we made BBQ Chicken Thighs and created our own sauce.

Last year I created the same BBQ sauce and put it on shrimp.

This year my Dad joined me. See the pictures below to see the story.

We started by clearing out the cabinets and seeing what we had to work with.

We bought a Beef Brisket and two slabs of Ribs to cook. We cut the Brisket seen here in half after Dad trimmed a large bulk of the fat off the back of it.

We smoked everything using charcoal and large pieces of hickory wood.

We put the brisket on at 8am.

We started the ribs on the gas smoker box with hickory. Look up top to see some kielbasa smoking for our lunch.

A good look at the ribs.

Flipping the brisket and throwing on some bologna.

Things beginning to look really good here.

These ribs look amazing…and they were!

First cuts of the brisket!

Plated brisket for the three judges.

We also plated ribs and BBQ Tacos for the judges.

The talk of the day ended up being the BBQ Brisket Tacos. We put the third generation of my BBQ sauce on the brisket. My sauce is more spicy than sweet. Then we complemented it with sweet cole slaw and wrapped it all up in a flour tortilla.

Seriously, this may be the best food I have ever made!

The BBQ Taco Won Best Original Dish.

Dad and I as a team won Best Overall!

Great day with DAD!

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  1. Bg

    Yummy dang need me some..can u cook me up some yummy for my bday…come on.

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