Personal Mission Statement

10 years ago this week I wrote this personal mission statement for my life:

My hope is to glorify God by putting my entire trust in Him and that all of my actions would be an overflow of His grace and fullness in me. I believe that God has equipped me with the ability to lead others toward enjoying Him and developing their individual gifts for His purposes and the edification of the church.  The inspired and inerrant Word of God coupled with the gift of the Holy Spirit guides these gifts and passions. This results in a dream to see the Bride of Christ glorify God through excellence driven disciples seeking to fulfill His commission worldwide.”

I decided in May of 2000 that I would spend the next 10 years of my life choosing vocations, opportunities, mentors, etc to help develop me for this end.

Here I am 10 years later. I praise God for allowing me so many opportunities and so much grace to pursue this personal mission inside the Great Commission.

What is your Personal Mission Statement?  I believe it will set the trajectory of your life.

You can listen to or watch on-line more thoughts I have on A Person’s Life Trajectory Here.

Do you have a Trajectory for your life?

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